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Clean Energy Drink For That Instant Boost With Sean Ross of Pureboost

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Anthony gives an overview of what Pureboost is [02:46] How did Anthony get into the space of building products? [04:34] What pushed Sean to start a business and how did he and his partners come up with Pureboost? [07:03] Anthony talks about how important it has been for him and his career to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs [11:16] Anthony shares the pros of having partners in different networking groups [15:28] Anthony talks about how the crowdfunding for their brand is doing [17:55] Anthony shares where they will allocate the funds they’re raising for pureboost [18:56] What does Pureboost’s workspace look like in terms of bringing the team together? [20:51] Sean speaks about the ecosystem for wellness in the CPG industry in San Diego [22:09] Sean shares his favorite taco spot, Filiberto's Mexican Food [24:33]   Resources:   wefunder.com/pureboost   Follow Sean Ross LinkedIn   Pureboost Website | LinkedIn

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