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The 13th Step: The Shadow

So many of us have been touched by America's addiction crisis. And we look to treatment for solutions. But what happens when communities dedicated to treatment turn out to be dangerous? In the first episode of The 13th Step – the new investigative series from our friends at New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) – host Lauren Chooljian uncovers the culture of sexual misconduct in America's recovery communities, a phenomenon known as 13th stepping. This is a story that some people tried to stop NHPR from telling. It's a story about the limits of the #MeToo movement. And it's a story about the dangers journalists and their sources face when they expose alleged wrongdoing by people in positions of power. Listen to the entire season of The 13th Step here. Learn more about sponsor message choices: podcastchoices.com/adchoices NPR Privacy Policy

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