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The Great Pajama Debate

Why does Elsie want to do precisely opposite of what everyone else is doing? Jess finds this to be a problem. And the GREAT PAJAMA DEBATE: do sweatpants count as pajamas and does Elsie have to wear cute pajamas for the She Podcasts Live? We need your feedback! The Latino Podcaster (non) Listener Report and Elsie was featured on a magazine! Have you added your show onto Amazon Music? You are missing out if you have not! Add your show to Amazon Music. Thank you so much for your sponsoring the show 🙏🏽 TIME FOR SHE PODCASTS LIVE! IT’S COMING SOONER THAN YOU KNOW! - GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! 🔥 NEW WAY TO CONNECT! Elsie (and occasionally Jess) will be texting you directly! - Sign up here! 302–240–3425, text yes or Send us your feedback, email! We can’t wait to hear from you! EPISODE LENGTH 45:31 Elsie would really like to not be on social even though she is a Community Manager The mind of Elsie and why she decides to not do what everyone else is doing - Jess is not convinced and Elsie needs to ride with all the other people “Everyone is on social media, and therefore you hate it.” -Jess No, just do this does not work when it comes to technology, and the problem with constant notifications 17:30 Can sweatpants count as pajamas, the great debate begins “Why can’t you just wear pretty pajamas?” - Jess We need you all to weigh in, Elsie is almost 50, should she wear grown up pajamas 29:50 Even The Rich on Amazon Music! #sponsor She Podcasts live is getting close to selling out - GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY! Everyone that is not live at SPL21 you need to wear your Pajamas 40:28 The Latino Podcast (non) Listener Report! Elsie co-hosted and she is sooooo excited about the whole thing! Elsie breaks down why this study is sooooo important If someone finds Hispanic Living IRL, take a picture and send it to us! LINKS! Join The Super Squad 302–240–3425 “yes” Tweet 100 The Latino Podcast (non) Listener Report on YouTube Elsie was featured in a magazine! She Podcasts thank-you to our Sponsors! → Get your show on Amazon Music! → Produce Your Podcast! → Our editor John from Audio Editing Solutions. He is so good you need to hire him STAT! Help Us Spread The Word! It would be stellar if you shared She Podcasts with your fellow women podcasters on twitter. Click here to tweet some love! If this episode got you all fired up SUBSCRIBE wherever you get your podcasts! ONE CLICK! Feedback + Promotion for Women Podcasters You can ask your questions by emailing We love audio feedback! Let your voice be heard, record your voice via voice memo in your smartphone and send it over! You can also join the She Podcasts Facebook group!

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