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The Pi Episode

How audio editors are like your stylists, Spotify sharing update; you can finally share a specific timestamp from your podcast, we follow up about Call Her Daddy and how much Alex has grown, promoting your podcast with your butt and the best emoji research ever - it proves we are right to love them so much PRICES ARE GOING UP TO SHE PODCASTS LIVE - GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! 🔥 NEW WAY TO CONNECT! Elsie (and occasionally Jess) will be texting you directly! - Sign up here! 302–240–3425, text yes or THE SHE PODCASTS SUPER SQUAD: SIGN UP Send us your feedback, email! We can’t wait to hear from you! EPISODE LENGTH 50:24 2:45 She Podcasts would be terrible without an editor  John cleans us up so that we sound our best “It’s kind of having a stylist. John is the perfect stylist.” -Elsie about what having an editor is like 7:12 News!  Spotify lets you share a specific timestamp from a podcast. When you tap the share button, you’ll see a toggle option that lets you create a link for the current playtime Powerful feature for LISTENERS to share your podcast and grow your podcast This is great for when you mention people A quarter of Spotify users now listen to podcasts on the platform “That’s a really wonderful way for your audience to market your show.” -Elsie Also, it works on Snapchat and Instagram stories. Question: do you use Snapchat? Jess needs to know! 16:15 There’s a new app called Voir 16:48 Elsie is obsessed with Call Her Daddy and now Call Her Daddy is #5 on the charts! Elsie gets super fired up about Alex 26:14 Sarah Silverman showed her butt to promote her podcast “If you want to really promote your podcast, a butt shot is a good way to go.” -Jess 🙈 30:54 Prince Harry did an interview with Dax Shepard and Elsie, of course had to listen “It was a wonderful interview. He was amazing. Super charming, smart, thoughtful, all kinds of goodness.” -Elsie 34:37 You need to see Idiocracy 35:41 Espree was featured on the Grit Daily News 39:41 More emoji talk! This time, it’s TOTALLY in depth study LINKS! Join The Super Squad 302–240–3425 “yes” Spotify adds timestamped podcast sharing and other social features Barstool’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ Returns To Top Five In April.  That’s Right – She’s the OG of Podcasting Sara Silverman promoting her podcast with her bare tushy Frontiers | A Systematic Review of Emoji: Current Research and Future Perspectives | Psychology Voir – Selfie & Video Filters She Podcasts thank-you to our Sponsors! → Produce Your Podcast! → Our editor John from Audio Editing Solutions. He is so good you need to hire him STAT! Help Us Spread The Word! It would be stellar if you shared She Podcasts with your fellow women podcasters on twitter. Click here to tweet some love! If this episode got you all fired up SUBSCRIBE wherever you get your podcasts! ONE CLICK! Feedback + Promotion for Women Podcasters You can ask your questions by emailing We love audio feedback! Let your voice be heard, record your voice via voice memo in your smartphone and send it over! You can also join the She Podcasts Facebook group!

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