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I Didn't Know Your Voice Did That

We talk about merch from the She Podcasts store! Happy birthday to Karly! August’s Podfest Global Summit and how amazing it’s going to be, Elsie gets all wound up, IAB and NY Times podcasting news plus, we talk about This Podcast Does Not Exist, love for Studio Ochenta and more! Have you checked out our sponsor Memberful? Wow! Are they amazing! If you’re looking to create some kind of membership experience for your people, this is IT! 👈🏽 PRODUCE YOUR PODCAST IS AMAZING! Hire them to do all the things that you really dislike doing Thank you also to Swell! We love you! People, sign up for it! Send us your feedback, email! We can’t wait to hear from you! It’s time for the Super Squad EXTRA —- get on our waitlist TODAY! EPISODE LENGTH 45:24 1:15 Thank you to our sponsor Memberful! 2:13 Elsie has on the cutest tank top from the She Podcasts store! 5:00 Get your stuff at our shop today! She Podcasts dot shop! 5:24 Thank you to Produce Your Podcast for assisting with our post-production! And Elsie shares how hard it is to let go  8:15 Happy Birthday to Karly Nimmo! (Before Jess changes the subject) 12:52 Podfest Global Summit and She Podcasts will be there with bells on! Reach out to us if you would like to do a session in your native tongue about any aspect of podcasting.  16:06 Elsie gave a session in Spanish and English at the We Are Diverse Conference. 21:48 NEWS!  22:01 IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau ) To Host First Virtual Podcast Upfront 07/23/2020 iHeart announced a new Will Ferrell show. 25:30 New York times bought The production company behind the Serial podcast.  26:29 - Some of the Hot Pod newsletter’s interview on the acquisition And Elsie has a moment of squealing 31:42 Skye Pillsbury is leaving Inside Podcasting for other avenues  32:35 TOOL TIPS! 32:56 How Studio Ochenta is reaching the world through its multilingual podcasts  36:52 the app creates quick companion clips for each episode - yay for our new sponsor! 39:26 Weird and Wild show of the week 39:33 - Barack Obama Joins Michelle Obama for episode #1 of her show! 41:20 This is Not a Podcast - podcast done completely by artificial intelligence  LINKS! Memberful The She Podcasts Shop! Produce Your Podcast   Connect with Karly Nimmo Podfest Global/ Expo IAB To Host First Virtual Podcast Upfront 07/23/2020  New York Times to Buy Production Company Behind ‘Serial’ Podcast PRX develops partnerships for new podcasts based on women’s suffrage The United Nations of Storytelling the App  Barack Obama To Join Michelle Obama On Debut Of Spotify Podcast  This Podcast Does Not Exist  Hopin Studio Ochenta is reaching the world through its multilingual podcasts  She Podcasts thank-you to our Sponsors! Our editor John from Audio Editing Solutions. He is so good you need to hire him STAT! For $5 per month get exclusive access to coaching with Jess and Elsie Get special time with Jess and Elsie weekly over in the She Podcasts Supersquad! All you need to do is to sign up to be a $5 per month Patreon. We are waaaaaay worth more than a cup of coffee. Patreon Help Us Spread The Word! It would be stellar if you shared She Podcasts with your fellow women podcasters on twitter. Click here to tweet some love! If this episode got you all fired up SUBSCRIBE wherever you get your podcasts! ONE CLICK! Feedback + Promotion for Women Podcasters You can ask your questions by emailing We love audio feedback! Let your voice be heard, record your voice via voice memo in your smartphone and send it over! You can also join the She Podcasts Facebook group !

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