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It's Podcast Academy Time!

Why French Bull is the coolest ever, Elsie’s daughter was on Ochenta Stories! We give updates on The Podcast Academy – memberships are now accepted! And what the She Podcasts Team thinks. Plus, of course, podcasting news from Pandora, Spotify, Apple, and Twitter - and remember Ping and Clammr? Those were the days. EPISODE LENGTH 56:47 French Bull is amazing!!!!! 2:28 Elsie shares all about her daughter being on Ochenta Stories with her own story! And why Pokémon is the coolest and why taking care of exotic animals is not really a sustainable business model 12:23 Memberful our awesome sponsor! 13:10 NEWS Y’all, The Podcast Academy is open How do you find out more about the Podcast Academy? You attend their Q&A webinars 20:55 Why do you have to ask for permission to be part of this club “I’m all in for being able to invest my money into The Podcast Academy” -Elsie 29:25 Pandora is introducing new podcast analytics features for creators 32:09 Spotify is now Keeping Up With The Kardashians 33:11 Apple Keynote! And Elsie missed it Apple will soon learn your personal podcast preferences Ping! Do you remember when you could have a profile in iTunes? It’s so intimate when someone can see what you’re listening to 40:45 Jess bought a watermelon cutter 44:20 Oh gosh!!! You can leave audio tweets! And Team She Podcasts does not have the feature! Remember Clammr??? 54:01 You can upload audio to Canva 54:14 One minute and forty seconds is a LONG time LINKS! French Bull Ochenta Stories Quarantine Relief from Ochenta Stories The Podcast Academy An introduction to The Podcast Academy – Session 1 An Introduction to The Podcast Academy – Session 2 Pandora for Podcasters Introduces New Podcast Analytics Features for Creators – Pandora Blog Spotify lands exclusive DC Universe podcasts | Technology | Kim Kardashian West Starts Exclusive Deal with Spotify WWDC 2020 Special Event Keynote — Apple Exclusive: iOS 14 to include overhauled Podcasts app with ‘For You’, bonus content, more - 9to5Mac Ping, Apple’s failed music-focused network Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS - The Verge Breaker Castbox Clammr is Shutting Down

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