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The X Factors That Built She Podcasts

Catching up on yet another week where we go into the impact of Zoom on our life, mental health and why there are so exhausting! We also respond to feedback all about how we got started, how we got our feet on the ground and what we think about Anchor. We sprinkle in all kinds of business advice and also report on the latest podcasting information plus all the places where we’ve been featured. Send us your feedback, email! We can’t wait to hear from you! Join the She Podcasts Super Squad for exclusive coaching and attention to you from Jess and Elsie for only $5 a month! Episode length 1:05:59 Super quick catch up from the team 1:38 Right into the Rona discussion and how our quarantine life is going through the lense of Zoom calls! It is much harder to be on video calls and goodness gracious the ‘dead eye’! 6:43 Elsie’s antisocial tendencies 8:48 Jess answers emails during the show the whole time and checking things and not paying attention to what’s happening 11:40 Jess and her camp and acapella on Zoom with a bonus of the 96 year old grandmother seder experience Crazy talk about passwords and shiz…are you using your name in your password? 18:45 Jess was featured on Inside Podcasting! Jess created the best fort for Isaac! 21:47 Isaac needs to talk to Santa And Isaac would make a great podcaster 24:51 Audio feedback from Spencer from Faded Red 26:27 How we built a fanbase And we break down how we had all sorts of things going on prior to launching our show Not everyone listened to She Podcasts but people supported us because they knew us 31:50 So….authenticity All of the business mistakes that we made and how we shifted and adjusted Things on paper seem like a good idea and in execution they are not 36:30 We are just now figuring things out NOW 40:10 Feedback from Michelle asking about Anchor You can have different strategies for all the different platforms Elsie’s weird way of listening to TV shows while she works out 49:40 Elsie sharing about the Libsyn Headliner webinar 52:20 Elsie on a Jacob’s Media article 53:00 Trusted kids’s content on PRX 55:37 Just because a podcast is not active doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have value Elsie will hit her GB data plan - eek 58:17 Patreon has laid off soooooo many peeps! Asking the hard questions on what needs to happen to survive Links! The reason Zoom calls drain your energy Inside Podcasting issue featuring Jess Faded Red Headliner Webinar from Libsyn There Are Over a Million Podcasts in Apple’s Podcasts App. What Does It Mean? Trusted kids content in the time of COVID–19 Patreon lays off 13% of workforce | TechCrunch She Podcasts thank-you to our Sponsors! Our editor John from Audio Editing Solutions. He is so good you need to hire him STAT! For $5 per month get exclusive access to coaching with Jess and Elsie Get special time with Jess and Elsie weekly over in the She Podcasts Supersquad! All you need to do is to sign up to be a $5 per month Patreon. We are waaaaaay worth more than a cup of coffee. Patreon Help Us Spread The Word! It would be stellar if you shared She Podcasts with your fellow women podcasters on twitter. Click here to tweet some love! If this episode got you all fired up SUBSCRIBE wherever you get your podcasts! ONE CLICK! Feedback + Promotion for Women Podcasters You can ask your questions by emailing We love audio feedback! Let your voice be heard, record your voice via voice memo in your smartphone and send it over! You can also join the She Podcasts Facebook group !

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