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Best of 2023: Manisha Thakor | Money Zen: The Secret to Finding Your Enough

In the latest episode of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast titled 'Money Zen: The Secret to Finding Your Enough', we are joined by Manisha Thakor, a seasoned financial expert and the Founder of MoneyZen LLC. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Manisha offers a fresh perspective on our relationship with money and success. Drawing from her book 'MoneyZen', Manisha explores the personal, cultural, and societal forces that often lead us to the false belief that we can never have, do, or be enough. She shares her journey of overcoming toxic behaviors around work, money, and prestige that once threatened her relationships, health, and career. In our conversation, Manisha introduces 'MoneyZen' - her joy-based approach to living a life rich in both financial health and emotional wealth. She shares inspiring stories of individuals from all walks of life, their struggles with the 'Never Enough' syndrome, and their path to finding their 'enough'. Through Manisha's insights, listeners will learn how to break free from the hamster wheel of constant striving and start living a life fueled by authentic joy, connection, and meaning. Subscribe for ad-free interviews and bonus episodes Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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