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Chloé Nwangwu | Engineering Visibility: A Behavioral Science Approach to Branding Part 1

In this episode of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, we delve into 'Engineering Visibility'. Our guest is the remarkable Chloe Nwangwu, a public speaker and brand consultant with a unique blend of expertise in tech, digital media, design, and conflict mediation. Chloe's unconventional journey has taken her into the rooms where pivotal decisions are made. From advising small island nations to the first refugee delegation to the UN, she has witnessed the challenges underdogs face in these high-stakes environments. But Chloe doesn't just observe; she equips. Using her international mediation toolkit and methods grounded in brain and behavioral science, she's creating a systematic change. In this episode, Chloe shares her strategies for engineering visibility in branding. She discusses her proprietary brand positioning to design mapping protocol, a tool that has successfully assisted clients in translating goals, desired outcomes, demographics, and relevant psychographics into neuro-rich visual communication. Join us as we explore the elements of Chloe's behavioral science approach to branding, and how it can influence public perception and drive organizational change. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of behavioral science, branding, and social impact. Subscribe for ad-free interviews and bonus episodes Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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