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[Preview] The Unmistakable Creativity Hour | How Cognitive Biases Impact Our Thinking and Actions

In the episode, we discuss cognitive biases and how they can impact our lives. Cognitive biases are cognitive distortions that can lead to inaccurate judgments and decision-making. These cognitive distortions can cause us to make poor decisions, which can have a negative impact on our lives. Some of the most common cognitive biases include the sunk cost fallacy, cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, and self-serving bias. There are many ways to overcome cognitive biases and make better decisions. One way is to become aware of the cognitive biases that affect you the most. Once you're aware of them, you can begin taking steps to counteract their effects. To listen to the full episode, visit Subscribe for ad-free interviews and bonus episodes Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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