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Listener Favorites: Alberto Savoia | Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeeds

Alberto Savoia says that 80% of engineers and product managers are working on products right now that when launched will fail. This is not due to poor execution or lack of hard work. They’re building the wrong products. When you build the wrong product, no amount of marketing or engineering will make it succeed. Alberto has developed a set of tools and techniques for you to make sure you’re building the right ‘it’ before you build it right, so that your idea is destined to succeed before you even begin. Alberto Savoia has written a book for entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers to help them maximize their success, The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed   Visit Alberto’s website where you can find out more about him and get in touch at   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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