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Episode 9: The Man in the Tower

Following Colin’s visit the police get involved – and the team receive shocking news. And, as the investigation draws to a close, a tantalising distant memory brings one more suspect into the frame... If you have been affected by child sexual abuse, help and support is available at Presented by Colin Campbell and Suchin Mehrotra Series written and produced by Satiyesh Manoharajah Episode 9 producer: Jolyon Jenkins Series audio production, sound design and original music: Steve Urquhart Episode sound design and mix: Arlie Adlington Executive producer: Alistair Jackson Archive Producer: Helen Carr Production Co-ordinator: Juliette Harvey Production Manager: Elaina Boateng Production Executive: Laura Jordan-Rowell Creative Director: Georgia Moseley Series Developed by Satiyesh Manoharajah and Colin Campbell Editorial consultants: Jackie Malton and Shaun Keep Legal Advisors: Sarah McColl and Andrew Downey Editorial Policy Advisors: Matthew Eltringham and Kim Barrington Archive from BBC Archive and Fremantle Artwork: Victoria Ford Voice actor: Paula Goldstein Solo Violin performed by Esme Bryden Additional research: Christian Dametto and Bushra Siddiq A BBC Studios Production

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