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Episode 4: Stars

Deviser contains extreme subject matter, graphic descriptions of violence, self harm and mature themes throughout. Listener discretion is strongly advised. Full Content Warnings available at Deviser was written, preformed, edited, and directed by Harlan Guthrie. Original music and themes written and performed by Harlan Guthrie. Thank you to Jo Guthrie; my amazing wife, friend, partner and an unending believer in my ideas & Henry Guthrie; my best friend and inspiration. Special thanks to J Strautman, Gregg Hale, Mike Monello, Sarah Rhea Werner, Mac Rogers & Mitch Gerads. If you enjoyed this show please leave a review, it helps tremendously and is the easiest way to help see more of shows like this get created. Additionally, share this show with a friend or loved one. Thank you to all the Patreons who supported this journey, if you enjoyed this please consider joining: Fido is a Hot Dog Now by Billy Murray; McCarron; Gray; Walker Victor (17620-B) Publication date 1914 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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