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21 - Creative Insight From A Rural Occupational Therapist With Louise Whitton

Do you know what… general society shouldn’t dictate what you market for. It shouldn’t tell you what your goals are. It shouldn’t be the reason for your actions.  And yet somehow along the way, we forget that we set the intention of our business. That instead of focusing on advertising for more clients for example, that maybe we should break away from society’s expectations, and advertise for incredibly aligned employees. That maybe the goal isn’t to have a million followers but in actual fact it's to make the biggest difference for just one person. That maybe we pursue something we love because we are passionate about it and not be forced to take the road that many have taken before us because it's proven.  YOU set the intention of your business and that should be based off what you want.  In today’s episode I chat with one incredible lady about her adventures as an occupational therapist. You will discover that there are more ways than one for creating a rural business that doesn’t want to fit the box. A business that wants to intentionally be different, stand out and create their own pathway forward. __________ DM Louise Whitton on Instagram to chat! _________ DM Taylah on Instagram to chat! Full shownotes for all episodes can be found at

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