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Episode 65. GW12: Things Can Only Get Better

After a really weird GW, Bas and Sertalp is back to talk about GW12 and beyond. In this information and data packed episode, they cover:- GW11 Review- Model Accuracy- Model Utility Results- Projected Point Averages (Ticker)- Gameweek Odds- Top EV Gains and Losses- Top Players by Models- Optimal Wildcard Teams- Captaincy Choices Big thanks to Chase (@FPL_Chase), Neil Rankin (@NeilRankinZA), and RobT (@robtFPL) for their analysis and visualizations. Join our mini league athttps://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/0jsdla Join our FPL Analytics Community DiscordWe have over 1000 members now!https://discord.gg/HRjcXrTM54

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