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Ep. 7: Collaboration and Content with Kandi J. Williams

This week, my guest Kandi J. Williams is a creator of indie games that are rich in roleplay and light on mechanics such as Picking Up the Pieces, Kids on Hoverboards and Cutthroat. She is also the Black queer nerdy executive producer and gamemaster for the Dicey Amazons Twitch channel! Kandi is a writer of TTRPGs, comics, and in the near future, books. And she has a passion for all games, including tabletop games, board games, and video games. GamerNATION REPRESENT! =========== Follow Kandi on all her socials: IG => https://www.instagram.com/diceyamazons Kandi on Twitter => https://twitter.com/kandi_jeanne Dicey Amazons on Twitter => https://twitter.com/DiceyAmazons Become a backer for the Incredible Items project on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/icv1/incredible-items/description

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