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Chaos;Child - Depressingly Perfect

Season 4 Game 12. The final episode of this season and what a doozy of one to end on. This is not a conventional end of the season game, but this was Larry's number one game of 2023 and we think it's a fitting end to our season journey. How much does gameplay effect an enjoyment of a game? The initial introduction to a game and the cadence of its mysteries being revealed is paramount to a visual novel experience, and this one is helped by a sprinkling of gameplay elements that are cohesive to the story itself. So much to talk about and so much to explore in Chaos;Child. Episode Bits: (00:00) Larry's #1 (00:54) Welcome! Is it Worth Your Time? (02:33) Thanks Dave - Spoiler Wall (03:00) Character Design - Menu System (06:00) Weird Placement - High Intrigue Beginnings (09:05) Sound Effects/Voice Acting - Beginnings Continued (12:08) Handful of Complaints (14:12) Limited Gameplay Enhancements (19:40) Setting The Mood - And the Conundrum - (24:31) -----------SPOILERS INCOMING---------- (25:47) Subtle Moments (27:14) Two In One (33:05) Total Investment and The Steady Pace (40:00) What? (44:44) Top 3 Moments (01:02:51) Relief - Where We Stand (01:06:11) ---------END OF SPOILERS--------------- (01:06:30) Bringing it all Back to the Makers (01:08:01) No Scenario? The Ended of Season 4 We ask the simple question, is this game worth your time? Two brothers trying to save you time on video games. YouTube: YouTube Channel All the Links:  

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