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Halo 3 ODST - No Master No Problem

Season 4 Game 6. Another winter and another Halo experience under our belts. Come listen and find out the best missions of Halo ODST and where it ranks among all the Halo goodness.   Episode Bits (00:00) That Music... (00:32) Welcome, from the Reach, to the December - The Time - The Verdict (03:06) The Change We Needed? The Feel of the Campaign (10:30) ODST vs Reach - Teammates - New Alien (14:00) Why Does It Work? (17:35) Favorite Missions - Where Does it Rank? (27:38) The Future of Halo - Splitting the Campaigns (35:30) Another Good Idea?   We ask the simple question, is this game worth your time? Two brothers trying to save you time on video games. YouTube: YouTube Channel All the Links:

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