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Chocobo Racing Review - To Little Too Fast

Season 4 Game 3. Chocobo Racing is the kart racer few have played. For some, nostalgia is enough, however, with so little content, who is this for? Why was Larry so much better than Michael in this one? A Unique Kart racer video game is pitched by the brothers as well! Episode Bits (00:00) Oh Boy (00:31) Welcome, The Time Investment, The Verdict (02:01) We Like it, but the lack of content hurts (03:24) OP Items + Solid Controls + Fun Characters (05:02) What does it Need? (11:50) Why Is Larry Better Than Michael? (14:18) Taking a shot with Story Mode + Unique is Good (18:43) Taking Chances in this Era  (20:46) Pitching a New Kart Racer (24:59) Wrap Up We ask the simple question, is this game worth your time? Two brothers trying to save you time on video games. YouTube: YouTube Channel All the Links:  

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