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Little Nightmares Review - A Suspenseful Tale

Season 4 Game 2. Is this a horror game? Is this shorter experience worth your time? We discuss at length our various takes on the story that's gloriously told through the environment and some stand out moments. Enjoy the episode. Episode Bits (00:00) Teaser (00:34) Welcome & Thank You & The Time Sink (02:23) What is Little Nightmares and Dumb Brothers (04:50) Trial and Error Wins and Losses (06:40) Larry's Internal Battle (07:20) The Set Up - The Suspense - Atmospheric Mystery - Game Style (14:56) Cool reveals - Thank You - Spoilers incoming (15:20) Warning (15:22) The Reveal - Story Hypothesis (28:09) More to Come? Spoiler Free - Ranking the Puzzle Platformers (31:46) The Deaths & Choosing our own Little Nightmare (34:24) Thank you! We ask the simple question, is this game worth your time? Two brothers trying to save you time on video games. YouTube: YouTube Channel All the Links:

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