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Diablo 4 Review - Lilith Reigns - Open World Slumps

Season 4 Game 1. Season 4 starts off with a bang! Diablo 4 goes open world for the first time in the franchise. Is this a good or bad thing? How did Lilith hold up as the main baddy? Do we enjoy the moment-to-moment gameplay? So much to talk about, so little time!   Episode Bits (00:00) Teaser (00:33) Welcome to a New Season! (01:12) Did Diablo 4 live up to Larry's hype? + Concerns (06:24) Development + Campaign Talk (08:47) Lack of Lillith? (10:08) Favorite Acts (12:35) Open world fatigue (15:31) Elden Ring Open World (18:00) Inconsistent leveling + Acts not feeling separate (20:25) Mike's Games as a service issues (24:36) Overall good points (25:17) Story SPOILER TIME!! (47:05) Main Villain in Diablo 4's Expansion (54:54) Outro & Thank You! We ask the simple question, is this game worth your time? Two brothers trying to save you time on video games. YouTube: YouTube Channel All the Links:

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