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Save Point: The Quandary of Choice (w/ Matt aka Stormageddon)

I am joined by the wonderful Matt aka Stormageddon to talk about a slough of JRPGs all smooshed into the beginning of next year. We take them through a RPG Tutorial, talk the future of Final Fantasy, and how we pick out what games to play next. It's a jam packed episode, enjoy!   Episode Bits: (00:00) What's to Come (00:43) Welcome to the show Matt - We're Finally Here (02:19) Incoming October Release Dates (07:41) RPG News: FF7 Blowout (12:27) More JRPGs Coming to XBox? (16:53) The Quandary of Choice for Early 2024 (23:00) How to Choose What to Play Next? (28:50) Buying The Same Game Twice (31:47) Upcoming Backlog RPGs (39:24) A Good Tip (40:15) Matt's Content (44:10) Matt's RPG Tutorial (49:39) The Future of Final Fantasy (01:01:06) Outro - Thank You Matt   All the Things Matt does, please check them out right here:     We ask the simple question, is this game worth your time? Two brothers trying to save you time on video games. YouTube: YouTube Channel All the Links:  

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