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Save Point: A Division of Representation

The first episode of Save Point: An RPG focused show. Michael is solo today (maybe that will change). RPG news, release dates, big discussion on representation in video games, and the evolution of a certain JRPG Series. Episode Bits: (00:00) Hello! (01:00) Get Ready for a Grand Time (01:49) Conflict in the Stars (05:11) RPG Release Dates for August 2023 (06:51) Time for Frenemies (07:18) Horizon Zero Dawn Vs Final Fantasy XVI (13:06) Persona 6 Needs to Change...or Does it? (19:24) How to Change the Tale (25:36) Your Tale to Tell and Mine We ask the simple question, is this game worth your time? Two brothers trying to save you time on video games. YouTube: YouTube Channel All the Links:

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