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When you hear the phrase sonic scrapbook, what do you imagine? Lowlines is part travelog, part audio montage and it reminds us to take our connections offline so we can really feel the pulse of the places we go. This brand new, six episode series follows one woman's call to get low. To move down from her pranged-out head, plant her feet back on the ground and let herself be drawn deep into magnetic places - befriending strangers along the way. Before we get into the sonic travels, we have a special interview with Petra Barran, the creator and host of Lowlines. Tink Media’s own Shreya Sharma, who you may know from previous episodes and as a writer of Podcast Marketing Magic, joins this episode to interview Petra. As a fellow traveler herself, Shreya speaks with Petra about why she felt the pull to get low and create the show, how she picked the six places she visited, and what it was like to turn all her raw audio into the polished series it is today. Listen to more episodes of Lowlines - https://low-lines.com/ A production of Tink Media. Executive Produced by: Lauren Passell Produced by: Devin Andrade and Andreea Coscai Edited by: Devin Andrade, Andreea Coscai, and Ilana Nevins Theme music by: Aakshi Sinha Follow Tink for more! https://linktr.ee/tinkmedia Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.

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