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Build a Prince

Today we’re featuring an episode from the podcast Build a Prince, which is basically a Christmas rom-com movie for your ears! The story follows the fiercely independent Princess Adelaide as she discovers she MUST be married by Christmas in order to be crowned queen of Alpinoa. When she finds none of her royal suitors will do, Adelaide decides to create the perfect prince out of a handsome American commoner, Hayden. What’s intended as a formal arrangement turns into something more as Hayden’s kindness and charm begins breaking down her walls. But little do they know… not everyone wants Adelaide to be queen, forcing her to fight for her country, open herself up to love, and come to terms with who she’s meant to be — all in time for Christmas. For a little extra bonus, we're also feeding your movie queue with some holiday movie recommendations from the Tink team! Find all four episodes of Build a Prince in your favorite podcast listening app. A production of Tink Media. Executive Produced by: Lauren Passell Produced by: Devin Andrade and Andreea Coscai Edited by: Devin Andrade Theme music by: Aakshi Sinha Follow Tink for more! https://linktr.ee/tinkmedia Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.

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