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6 Degrees of Cats

Today, Andreea is taking over the mic and we are featuring an episode from the podcast Six Degrees of Cats. It’s a culture, history & science podcast celebrating the many intersections of human and felinekind, hosted by lifelong cat custodian Amanda B. Why were cats gods in ancient Egypt but Satan’s familiar by Europe’s Middle Ages? Why do serial killers and despots hate cats? And how the heck does all of this random cat stuff connect to us in the here and now? Cat worshipper Captain Kitty, a.k.a. Amanda B. investigates these and other hard hitting questions with a diversity of guest experts from across the globe. And now it's back for a second season! Before we get into that episode, we have an extra special, purr-fect surprise for you – an interview with the creator of the show, Amanda B! Andreea asks Amanda about her motivation for starting the show, her research and creative process, and what's coming up in season two. Get ready for teasers about special guests, cultures all around the world and unique questions that will be explored. You can find more episodes of Six Degrees of Cats in your favorite podcast apps. For more info: linktr.ee/6degreesofcats. Follow @6degreesofcats and subscribe now! A production of Tink Media. Executive Produced by: Lauren Passell Produced by: Devin Andrade and Andreea Coscai Interview by: Andreea Coscai Edited by: Andreea Coscai Theme music by: Aakshi Sinha Follow Tink for more! Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.

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