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Past Perfect

Today we're listening to the first episode of Past Perfect, the trivia podcast that travels through time. If you have any sort of love for nostalgia, this is for you! Host and self-proclaimed “Trivia Freak” Simone Polanen invites comedians, writers, and podcasters to compete in a 5-episode tournament designed to put their general knowledge to the test. Each episode covers a decade in history, beginning with the 1980s, traveling through the 2010s, and culminating in a grand finale covering trivia of the century. Don’t be shy — listeners can play along too, as they answer such pressing questions as, “Who was the first woman to serve as US Secretary of State,” and “what does YOLO stand for?” Before we get into the episode, we're putting our podcast knowledge to the test with some podcast trivia! Hosted by Andreea with the help of ChatGPT, find out if Lauren and Devin can outsmart these podcast-themed questions. Check out Past Perfect! Listen to more  Follow Simone on Twitter @SimonePolanen Follow the show on Instagram  @pastperfectpodcast A production of Tink Media.  Executive Produced by: Lauren Passell Produced by: Devin Andrade and Andreea Coscai Edited by: Devin Andrade Theme music by: Aakshi Sinha Follow Tink for more! Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.

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