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Masha: The influencer who is a secret weapon

Masha is one of the most famous faces on Ukrainian TV and a huge social media star. But the Russian-speaking celebrity has taken on a new role. Her Instagram posts about skin care tips have been replaced by patriotic propaganda. The former Eurovision Song Contest host says she is one of around 200 influencers who are using their social media accounts to help the Ukrainian government to get its message out. As the military battle for Ukraine rages, influencers on all sides are playing a part in the other conflict that is being fought in parallel – an information war. And like the conflict on the ground, this fight also has real consequences for the people whose lives it touches. Russia’s military assault has been accompanied by an onslaught of disinformation and propaganda from state media, trolls and influencers. With all sides seeking to capture and control the narrative, how do you tell what is fake and what is real? In this podcast series, BBC disinformation reporter Marianna Spring investigates stories from Ukraine, Russia, and around the world, and hears from those caught up in the battle for the truth. Producer: Ant Adeane Editor: Ed Main

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