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5/19/2021 - Patient Case Study Challenge

In this live webinar, Charles Vega, MD and Michael Angarone, DO, FIDSA analyze two COVID-19 patient case studies: one patient is experiencing moderate symptoms and the other is in the hospital with severe symptoms. Can you make the right treatment decisions? They discuss:  Accurately identifying patients eligible for authorized treatments Viral variants’ impact on treatments  The latest treatment recommendations and clinical data  Expert Faculty  Charles Vega, MD  Clinical Professor, Family Medicine  Director, UC Irvine Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community, Family Medicine  School of Medicine Assistant Dean for Culture and Community Education  UC Irvine School of Medicine    Michael Angarone, DO, FIDSA  Associate Professor  Division of Infectious Diseases  Departments of Medicine and Medical Education  Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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