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78: The Last of Us Part II (with Flora Merigold - Epilogue Gaming, Left Behind Game Club)

The Last of Us Part II, by Naughty Dog is one of the most polarizing video games ever made. The sequel to a wildly successful, and some would say "complete", video game was bound to leave some feeling left behind, but this game quickly joined The Discourse....and I didn't hear any of it. So I came to this relatively fresh, and invited on Flora Merigold from Epilogue Gaming and Left Behind Game Club to discuss! Find out how we felt about this landmark, yet controversial game. TIMESTAMPS Intros/Personal Histories/Opening Thoughts 1:21 Story Setup/Tone/Visuals/Horror 12:09 Gameplay 43:41 SPOILER WALL 1:10:42 As always, thank you to my patrons, and you can be like them- here's the link to support Tales from the Backlog on Patreon! or buy me a coffee on Ko-fi! Join the Tales from the Backlog Discord server! Social Media: Instagram Twitter Facebook Cover art by Jack Allen- find him at https://www.instagram.com/jackallencaricatures/ and his other pages Listen to A Top 3 Podcast on Apple, Spotify and [other podcast platforms](atop3podcast.fireside.fm)!

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