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"The Rabbi Goes West" with Rabbi Chaim Bruk

Rabbi Chaim Bruk is the Co-CEO of Chabad Lubavitch of Montana. Growing up as a Brooklyn boy in Crown Hights, little Chaim had the unique opportunity to sit at the feet at the Lubavitcher Rebbe. We discuss his family's special relationship with the Rebbe, how his rebbiem reacted to the Rebbe's passing and how he continues the Rebbe's legacy. Once married, Rabbi Bruk waited no more than a day after his first wedding anniversary to set foot to 'Big Sky Country' along with his beloved wife, Chavie. They started from scratch and now have multiple Chabad houses throughout the state which they helped build.  We also discuss their very difficult journey in infertility and the change of course they took when biological children seemed out of sight. We learn about the process of adoption and the many challenges, and yes, blessings, which come along with adoption. All of this and more on 'The Rabbi Goes West' with Rabbi Chaim Bruk. KOLOT is a project of the Columbus Community Kollel, a fulltime learning center in Bexley staffed with a dedicated group of rabbis who will learn and teach Torah to men, women, boys and girls of all backgrounds and affiliations. Columbus Jewish News is a Media Sponsor for KOLOT.

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