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“An Everlasting Partnership” with Ira Zlotowitz

Ira Zlotowitz joins KOLOT to discuss his departure from Yeshiva and entry into the world of commercial real estate. We discuss the challenges of learning in Kollel and then having the instant need of making a living immediately leaving Kollel.  Ira also gives his take how the commercial real estate industry has changed, will not go 'back to normal' so quickly and how GParency is the way forward. Lastly, we discuss the legacy of his father, Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz zt'l, Founder of Artscroll Publications, and how he and his siblings watched their father change the world of Torah learning. This episode was recorded several weeks ago and subsequently Ira's mother, Mrs. Rachel Zlotowitz passed away. The Columbus Community Kollel dedicates this episode in her memory and we pay tribute to her at the beginning of this episode.  KOLOT is a project of the Columbus Community Kollel, a fulltime learning center in Bexley staffed with a dedicated group of rabbis who will learn and teach Torah to men, women, boys and girls of all backgrounds and affiliations. Columbus Jewish News is a Media Sponsor for KOLOT.

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