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“Trauma and Triumph 2.0” with Zipa Leah Scheinberg

'Trauma and Triumph 2.0' is dedicated in loving memory to my great uncle, and our guest's father-in-law, Harav Meyer Scheinberg zt'l, Meyer ben Shmuel. In this episode, we discuss why is it that people hold on to trauma for so long and how to get rid of it utilizing EMDR. We also discuss Prince Harry and his going public how EMDR was a game changer in his own personal struggles. Towards the end, we have a special tribute to my Uncle Meyer where Zipa Leah talks about how her father-in- law showerd his children and grandchildren with intense love and affection. Zipa Leah then explains the effects in clinical terms, 'attachment theory'. It's a must listen to all parents and future parents! ZIPA LEAH SCHEINBERG BIO: I am a registered Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified EMDR Therapist, EMDR Approved Consultant, and Certified Clincial Trauma Professional. I specialize in providing individual therapy for women who struggle with developmental and relational trauma (Complex PTSD), grief, and dissociation. I utilize an evidence-based technique called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), as well as extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Self Compassion, Ego State Work (Inner Child), attachment-repair work (AEDP), polyvagal theory, and somatic work to help my clients find safety and healing from within and transform with empowerment from victim to thriver.  My passion is working with women survivors who are recovering from abuse and trauma. I am currently writing my first book demystifying specialized trauma therapy for the public. KOLOT is a project of the colum Community Kollel, a full time Jewish learning center in Bexley. Ever since 1995, boys and girls, men and women have found ways to connect to Torah and Mitzvos at the Kollel. To learn more about the Kollel, visit www.thekollel.org and forever be inspired!

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