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"The gift of ADHD" with David Becker, LCSW

'Did I read that right' you may be asking, and yes you did. On this episode we talk about the positive aspects of having what everyone only knows as a disorder. It turns out ADHD has some challenges but has an upside too. If you don't know either, or both, you are missing out on LIFE CHANGING information! This is for people who have ADHD or know someone with the condition (or both)!! We feature Dovid Becker, LCSW, who is Lakewood's premier expert on the matter. He has been featured on multiple programs and we are blessed to have him share his expertise. To listen to all KOLOT episodes, visit kolotpodcast.com KOLOT is a project of the Columbus Community Center in Bexley. The Kollel has classes and programs for all ages and backgrounds. To learn more, visit thekollel.org and forever be inspired!

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