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Meaning + Money: Can You Have Both In a Career?

When I was working in Corporate, it took me a long time to even entertain the idea that I had options. Let alone that I could leave and do something else. I was adamant that I didn’t have an option or a choice. And that I HAD to stay and somehow make it work.  The truth is I had the great privilege of actually having a choice. And that really is a privilege. There was immense guilt and shame wrapped up around having the option to leave a fabulous company and role, with awesome opportunities for career progression…. Even though I had savings in the bank and could “afford” to take time out to reassess, I couldn't even see alternative options for my career because I was so fixated on needing money and that steady paycheque.  Back then, meaning and money were at odds with each other. I had to choose one. Option A: I could make a lot of money - but the work wouldn’t be meaningful. Plus I had to work really hard. Or Option B: I could choose to focus on meaning - but not make a lot of money. In any case, I had to make a choice. These days I believe that you can have meaning and money in your career - with a few caveats.  Listen in and grab the show notes over at:

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