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Why knowing your Soul Archetype is Essential

Have you taken lots of personality assessments? StrengthsFinder, MyersBriggs, The Enneagram, but still don’t feel like you’re 100% clear on what makes you uniquely you? Whilst these systems are fabulous they don’t take into account a deeper side of you - your soul. The unique essence that you couldn't shake even if you tried. I call this your Soul Archetype. Your soul archetype really explores the being side of you - beyond your work title, roles and qualifications. It’s the part of you that you couldn't shake even if you tried because it’s inherently you. A monkey doesn't know that it has a natural ability to climb a tree, a fish doesn’t know that it has a natural ability to swim in water. A cheetah doesn’t know it’s the fastest land animal on the planet. Knowing your soul archetype helps you claim the REAL you so you can make a clear decision on your career direction so that you don’t have to be a fish trying to climb a tree or a monkey swimming in water…. We’ve been taught one way to be successful and show up in life -- and it doesn’t take into account who we inherently are. And so if we’re to pursue a soul aligned career that we love then we need to work with who we really are. In this episode we unpack the Soul Archetypes in greater depth and the 3 ways that you can begin to work with yours in order to get on and stay on the right path for you. You can get the show notes over at:

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