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What a Soul Aligned Career IS and ISN'T

For the longest time I used to want to know what I was here for. I would envy my friends and colleagues who seemed to be so clear and connected to where they were headed.  Some were destined to act and perform. Some were destined to launch start-ups. Some were destined to become C suite badasses at major professional law firms. Some were destined to teach.  Because I didn’t have a strong pull to anything, I followed the path that made the most sense and helped “keep my options open”.... Get a good degreeLand a job at a Fortune 500 CompanyClimb the corporate ladderAll throughout my career I would question, “Am I really on the right path?” or “Is there more to life than this?”  My own journey and struggle with this is how I landed on doing this precise work in my business. Helping women figure out what makes them tick and how to build a career and life of meaning and purpose?  Which I define as a Soul Aligned Career. If you’ve ever asked yourself these same questions andare questioning your path, this podcast episode is for you.  Join me as we talk about what a soul aligned career is and isn’t. You can access the show notes over at:

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