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047 - Dylan Mulvaney, TikTok trolls and the Queer Economy with Trav Johnson

This week on The Values Proposition, Hank and CJ chat with Trav Johnson, the founder of Queerency, a digital media company focused on telling stories from the Queer economy. In the episode, we discussed: Dylan Mulvaney's interview on Dear SchuylerQueerency's newsletter, The Balance Sheet Find Trav on Instagram and TikTok: The Values Proposition podcast is designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders who strive to build successful, inclusive, and ethically-driven brands that make an impact. By integrating unique queer perspectives with insights from diverse industry experts, The Values Proposition aims to empower listeners to create meaningful work. Find more of Hank's work at: Try Jasper AI with our affiliate link here. Try PodMatch with our affiliate link here. Our values: JoyIntegrityImpactMoneyAuthenticityCareCommunity

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