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High Conflict Divorces with Bill Eddy

Bill Eddy joins Nikki Parkinson in this episode to talk high conflict divorces. As an attorney, Bill was a Certified Family Law Specialist in California and the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Centre in San Diego. Prior to becoming an attorney in 1992, he was a Licensed Clinical Social worker with twelve years’ experience providing therapy to children, adults, couples and families in psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics.  Bill has a popular blog on the Psychology Today website with over 3.5 million views, and is the author and co-author of twenty books on high conflict personalities, including two award winners, including, ‘BIFF: Quick Responses to High Conflict People, Their Personal Attacks, Hostile Email and Social Media Meltdowns’ and ‘SPLITTING: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder’. Bill Eddy is very well versed on the topic of high conflict divorces. Nikki and Bill discuss - What is the definition of a ‘High Conflict’ person?  The 'Fugetaboutit' approach. EAR Statements. BIFF Methods. Bill answers your questions -  How do you deal with a narcissistic person, when using the family court system as a weapon? and How do you deal with parental alienation? This episode is full of so many great tips when you are dealing with a high conflict person or going through a high conflict divorce. This episode is sponsored by The Separation Summit. If you are looking to separate in a better way, a healthier way, a smarter way, then The Separation Summit has been specifically designed for you. The Separation Summit is Australia’s first digital event that showcases the ways, days and stages to a kind separation. This 1-day summit invites global experts, legal advisors, and divorce survivors, to offer an informed, heart-felt and collaborative event. Taking the mess out of messy. Buy your ticket here. Connect with Billy Eddy at The High Conflict Institute. Join our community of like-minded people @thedivorcehub on Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn.  Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.  

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