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How to Save REAL Money on Health Insurance (with Carey Gruenbaum)

Carey Gruenbaum has extensive experience in the healthcare insurance industry and operates multiple companies in the space. Who better to sit down to discuss the finances around medical insurance, how to save REAL money on it, and what a consumer's options are. Curious about HealthShare plans? Surgery in Mexico? What's the deal with dental and vision insurance? We covered that in full, and much more!  SPONSOR LINKS 🏡 Need a Mortgage? We Gotchyou - 🙇‍♂️ Help Support Israel’s Neediest - TIME STAMPS: 0:01 Intro 2:08 Who Needs Health Insurance? 4:23 How Many Americans Don’t Have Health Insurance? 6:16 The Cost 12:30 The Power of Shifting 17:18 Eli’s Trip to the ER & Mysterious Hospital Pricing 24:40 Do Hospitals Hate Urgent Cares? 26:00 Hospital Bills: Negotiable? Impacts Credit Score? 30:30 Sponsor 31:52 More on Bill Reductions 34:07 The Difference Between Health Insurance Companies 38:35 Additional Health Insurance When Traveling 40:48 Long Term Care Insurance  45:45 Disability Income Insurance 50:00 Dental & Vision Insurance 53:05 Out of Country Surgeries 54:56 Sponsor 56:41 HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Savings Account) 1:01:26 HealthShare Plans 1:21:08 Carey’s Companies & Contact 1:26:17 Outro Here is a list of Carey's companies: • PSG Insurance ( Group Benefits, Life, Disability and All Benefits Related • One Cap LLC ( Property & Casualty • Preferred Exchange ( When we talk about health insurance, Preferred Exchange thinks it should be easy for anyone to understand and the costs should be clear. (For employers, employees and brokers.) To get in touch with Carey's team, call 516-247-6448 and push extension 227. More shows here: Submit your questions and comments to - we love emails! WhatsApp us feedback and save our contact: 914-222-5513 Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome content! :)   Lchaim! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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