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Why Are So Many Jews Rich? (with R' Daniel Lapin)

Just 3% of Americans are Jewish, yet 67% of the Forbes 400 are Jewish. Why is that?  Why do Jews have a tendency to prosper beyond the population in every setting they've ever been in throughout history? Our guest, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, lists 10 reasons in his book Thou Shall Prosper, while he debunks four erroneous possibilities. He was kind enough to share two of the reasons with us in-studio.  We also discussed his close friendship with the very popular radio host and personal finance specialist Dave Ramsey and the secret to Dave's methods and success. We chatted about money, happiness, and so much more. Enjoy! Rabbi Lapin's Book 'Thou Shall Prosper' → Other Book Recommendations: 'The Road Back' by Mayer Schiller → (Limited Copies Online) The Life of Glückel of Hameln: A Memoir → To see more podcasts brought to you by Living Lchaim visit Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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