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Seeds of Abundance: Mindfully creating financial abundance at a young age with Global Face and Community Champion of FUNancial Freedom, Shivanii Ray

We are into our season of Seeds of abundance and the month of May is all about gaining a healthy money mindset that will create abundance for you. I am really excited to reintroduce you to today's guest because as you may know I teamed up with a couple of brilliant entrepreneurs whose mission is to empower children and teens to lead extraordinary lives. They created An online training course for children and teens Teaching them how to become financially smart and Gain mastery over a subject matter that terrifies most adults AND I have with me The Global Face and Community Champion of FUNancial Freedom, Miss Shivanii Ray Get your Free ebook and 1$ trial or check out this link  to get started right away! Learn more about Shivanii Ray here! Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your review and send it to Visit #TATS group program overview and connect with me @ Join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook Can’t wait to see you! Blessings

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