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Thruster's Lounge - 1 Star Review

'Go Yelp The Mirror, Fleff!' The Queens rate and review a 1 Star Yelp Review for Thruster’s Lounge in San Diego and the subsequent Reply that went viral and led to its deletion… and if you think the story ends there, think again. Trey is not your background actor and can you smell that? (01:09) Lodge a Complaint! (05:14) Review (14:45) There’s A Reply (14:50) Exclusive Offer (35:51) My Royal Highness (38:30) DONATE! (38:55) On This Week's After Show Pod Review The Pod at DONATE to the Production of Review That Review by visiting  Click Here to Join our Patreon for Bonus content and Member's Only After-Show Companion Podcast featuring additional reviews, deeper dives, salacious stories, and more. ***** PROMO CODES ***** REVIEWQUEEN at REVIEW40 at REVIEWQUEEN at REVIEWQUEEN40 at QUEEN15 at QUEEN at *** Click Here to Join the Queendom Mailing List! Leave us a voicemail at 1-850-REVIEW-0 WATCH CLIPS on YouTube! Visit our website for more: @TheReviewQueens | @ChelseyBD | @TreyGerrald  --- Review That Review is an independent podcast.  Executive Produced by Trey Gerrald and Chelsey Donn with editing and sound design by Trey Gerrald.  Cover art designed by LogoVora, voiceover talents by Eva Kaminsky, and our theme song was written by...

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