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Trumped! The Musical

To my knowledge, there has never been a musical about our nation’s 45th President. Enjoy this unauthorized biography of Donald Trump's very public life- perhaps the most famous American in the past 40 years. Until today. Full lyrics available at EricExplains.com 1:00 Swagger My Son 2:04 Too Many Kids 2:50 Young Donald 4:36 Sir Swagger (Ivana's Theme) 5:48 Fred's Dead 7:14 Harder Than I Thought 9:14 What's Her Name Again? 10:47 I Got Divorced 11:28 House Of Cards 13:10 I'm Back! 15:05 Calling 16:03 The Apprentice to the President 17:34 "Quotes" 19:04 Hey MotherF*ckers (I Won) 19:45 Hey MotherF*ckers (I Won - Reprise) 20:20 Covid's Wrecking Me 22:21 The Cure 23:55 Election Night #2 25:11 Sleepy Joe Biden 27:05 With Proof 29:08 Ouch! I Did It Again 31:52 Impartial Court System 33:46 Just Middle Age (Big Finale)

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