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Trickle Down Economics

Trickle Down Economics is like a magic trick where instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, you put a million dollars in a rich guy’s pocket. So, actually, it’s not like a magic trick at all, plus there’s not a rabbit or a hat either. So forget what I just wrote. 1:34 Your golden-throated narrator frames the problem in an easy to understand and interesting way 2:20 Obligatory Arthur Laffer reference 4:05 Why money stays with the rich folks, instead of going to your broke ass 7:19 A look at recent Presidents, how they handled taxes, and how the economy reacted 10:44 Faith-based initiatives, or how we learned to pay taxes to churches, instead of COLLECT money from churches 14:40 Life is like a game of monopoly *NOT* like the magic trick reference from the first sentence (editor: please delete! that stupid first sentence it sucks, thanks, Eric) 16:12 A robust and turgid conclusion from your handsome narrator, a very skilled and generous lover

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