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Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a fitness enthusiast and/or circus sideshow that somehow cobbled together enough votes to go to DC, a place she hates, to do a job she doesn’t understand. Her political style could best be summed up as ‘being strong at being wrong’ and, good Lord, she’s wrong about nearly everything. But this firecracker from Georgia is ready to take on Congress, the swamp, DC pizza parlors, mouthy teenagers, masks, Muslims, her peers, and her own biceps and lats, which must be dying from those stupid kipping pullups. 2:34 – Marjorie Taylor Greene finds the grass is greener where people are poorer. 4:12 – She goes to war with masks, because they hide her radiant and cheerful disposition. 7:28 – She goes to war with Jewish space lasers then Muslims because why not? 9:22 – Marjorie Taylor Greene believes in weird conspiracies. Surprised? 11:07 – She goes to war with teenage shooting victims. 13:23 – She makes out with Q-ANON, lets Q get to second base on first date. 15:04 – She goes to war with her other Republicans. 16:39 – An examination of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s sex appeal (it’s there y’all!); also anger, rage. 18:49 – A strong and bold conclusion by the smart and wonderful narrator. #expelgreene #trump #maga #qanon #boycottgeorgia #MarjorieTaylorGreeneIsUnfit #jewishspacelasers

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