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Q&A- Drinking on Purim, Death & Wine

Subscribe to Rabbi Gottleib on all your favorite podcast platforms : Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series? We'd love to hear from you : Visit us @ ! 0:10- I find it incredibly difficult to drink enough on Purim to not tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman 3:10- Secular Jews being murdered al kiddush Hashem 10:40- An individual poskening halacha for himself 14:43- When one davens the shechina comes in front of him, but we don’t worship the shechina, so what (essence of Hashem) do we worship? 17:15- Would you be able to to explain the logic behind immersing utensils? 21:20- Extening the Purim seuda into shabbos when Purim falls on erev shabbos 22:40- Being drunk on Purim going into shabbos 31:45- Do mediums actually communicate with the dead? 38:39- Did Chazal resurrect the dead with one of the 3 keys of Hashem? The Key of birth 42:00- How can one lose his previous mitzvos and olam haba? 46:15- If an idol worshipper makes wine but no hand touches the wine (machine-made), is it kosher? 48:38- Could atheism be considered avoda zara? 49:28- Why did Hashem not reduce the goyim to only ones who would accept the Torah? 51:33- Is it forbidden to bring Indian idol worshippers to Israel as guest workers? 54:13- What about Christians? Produced by: Cedar Media Studios

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