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Q&A- Supernatural, Oneg Shabbos, Tehilim

Subscribe to Rabbi Gottleib on all your favorite podcast platforms : Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series? We'd love to hear from you : Visit us @ ! 00:40- How does one prove that the exodus from Egypt happened? 14:00 - when one can leave Eretz Yisrael (not a question) 16:30 what’s the difference between oneg shabbos and oneg food or oneg sleep? 27:00 - which is more important, performing positive commandments or refraining from negative commandments? 37:00 - what’s the nuaces regarding chilul shabbos? 39:00 - how can I connect more to tehilim? 45:00 - is it true if you say Ashrei I without kavana that you have to repeat it? 46:00 - can you elaborate how God who is a total unity can manifest Himself in disparate parts? 52:00 - why is suicide treated differently today? Produced by: Cedar Media Studios

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