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Scout’s Honor: Tom Krumins on Keeping Kids Safe

This episode is sponsored by Better Help.  Tom Krumins was one of the brave whistleblowers who came forward to shine a light on the scandal of abuse and predation within the Boy Scouts of America. You can see his story in the recent Netflix doc, ‘Scout’s Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America,’ and we’re guessing you’ll be as moved and inspired by him as we were. In this episode we sit down with him  to learn more about his experience in the Scouts, how he navigated the aftermath, and his work today as the Executive Director for the US-Based Keep Kid Safe Movement and as Chief of Staff of the global BRAVE Movement.  Listen to this one with care because it gets into the gritty topic of child sexual abuse. But also, know that there’s also a whole lotta hope in this conversation, too.    Please note: The Boy Scouts bankruptcy has concluded. The day the plan went into effect, a Settlement Trust was established to manage the funds contributed by the Boy Scouts, the Local Councils, the Chartered Organizations, the Insurance Companies, etc. The Trust also reviews every claim to determine its validity and then disseminate funds per a "Claims Matrix" and state-by-state statute of limitations. At this stage, we do not know the final amount that will officially enter into the Trust or how it will be disseminated. The "back of the napkin" math portion of this episode highlighted the general size of the Trust, not the potential amount of damages a claimant may receive. These numbers are not official. This was merely an exercise to better understand the scale of people harmed by the Boy Scouts. Show Notes: About Tom Krumins: Tom Krumins is a passionate Executive Director serving the movement to end childhood sexual violence at Keep Kids Safe. As a visionary civic entrepreneur, Tom believes in developing new and innovative organizational models that encourage positive change in society. He has contributed to multiple fields,including medical education, behavioral health, prison reentry, hospice care, rural entrepreneurship, grassroots coalition-building, political campaigns, cash relief programs, and nonprofit advocacy. Tom comes to this work as a survivor of childhood sexual violence during his time in the Boy Scouts of America and his experience navigating the largest child abuse bankruptcy in U.S. history. His story was included among other brave survivors in the Netflix documentary, Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America. He now serves on the Scouts new Youth Protection Committee. When he isn't working, Tom enjoys performing stand-up and improvisational comedy -- successfully entertaining tens of people since 2017. You can find him on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomkrumins His Website & Substack: https://www.tomkrumins.us/ About  Keep Kids Safe &  BRAVE: Childhood sexual violence happens in every community. The stigma and shame far too often lead to silence, but this can change. We should never be comfortable with children and adolescents experiencing sexual violence, but we should feel comfortable talking about it. We share the movement to end childhood sexual violence. This is a movement of survivors (whether public or not) and allies. If you are interested in joining, reach out today! - The U.S. movement ---> keepkidssafe.us - The global movement ---> bravemovement.org If you experienced sexual violence and need help, you can find support at https://www.bravemovement.org/get-help/.   ABOUT A LITTLE BIT CULTY: Let it be known far and wide, loud and clear that… The views and opinions expressed on A Little Bit Culty do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the podcast. Any content provided by our guests, bloggers, sponsors or authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, group, club, organization, business individual, anyone or anything. Nobody’s mad at you, just don’t be a culty fuc

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