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Weirder Together: Cult Hopping with Ben Lee & Ione Skye

Today’s episode is sponsored by BetterHelp.  Buckle up ALBC babies, we’re about to go all over the map through Hollywood, the music industry, Australia, and a couple decades of cult-hopping. In fact, it’s so epic that (picture this) we are holding an invisible boombox over our heads outside your window while blaring Peter Gabriel, asking you to listen. Got the picture? Okay cool: Because we’re chatting with Ione Skye and Ben Lee, married podcasters that you may know from their hilarious Weirder Together podcast. Or maybe you know him as a prolific singer-songwriter, and her from the high school of your John Hughes teen cinema dreams. Or maybe, just maybe, you were in a cult with them at some point. It’s not statistically improbable because they’ve been in a few culty situations, from chasing Qigong, to following Gurus and slinging DoTerra essential oils. Heads up: This isn’t our regular format. It’s more of a Rom-Com than the stuff of True Crime, but these two are thoughtful and funny as hell on the subject of loving people through—and out of—cults. And we’re always interested in hearing from people who’ve dabbled and ducked out before things got too fucky. Lots of cultiverse easter eggs in this one, from David Lynch to QAnon, Theranos to Sean Penn, Rick Ruben to Ruby Tuesday’s–just kidding about that last one. If you’re a cult nerd, this one will be mother’s milk. Put on your New Year’s jammies, and enjoy.    NOTES Ben Lee is a musician, singer/songwriter, producer, DJ DadBod, and professional adventurer. Ione Skye is an actor, director, painter, and author. According to this story, Skye will “Say Everything” in her new memoir soon to be published. Together, Ben and Ione run a creative production company where they do podcasts, events, film, fanzines, and quote ”make stuff, curate stuff, and celebrate stuff” including their own Podcast Weirder Together.   @benleemusic on IG, fb, twitter, TikTok @ioneskyelee on IG, @ioneskye1 twitter, @ioneskyeofficial TikTok   ROLLING STONE ARTICLE on Ben Lee   Also… Let it be known far and wide, loud and clear that… The views and opinions expressed on A Little Bit Culty do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the podcast. Any content provided by our guests, bloggers, sponsors or authors are of their opinion and are not intended to malign any religion, group, club, organization, business individual, anyone or anything. Nobody’s mad at you, just don’t be a culty f*****d.   OTHER LINKS: Check out our lovely sponsors Join ‘A Little Bit Culty’ on Patreon Get poppin’ fresh ALBC Swag Support the pod and smash this link Cult awareness and recovery resources   CREDITS:  Executive Producers: Sarah Edmondson & Anthony Ames Production Partner: Citizens of Sound Producer: Will Retherford Co-Creator & Writer: Jess Tardy

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